I’m a licensed acupuncturist who has practiced in Sonoma County since 1985.

If you’d like to book an appointment at my private practice in Sebastopol, California, please call me at (707) 235-6805.

Services Offered


My particular approach to acupuncture comes from my early studies with some of the premier acupuncture masters of our time who brought what I call “the essence of Chinese Medicine” to the West. I am forever indebted to the teachings of Master Tung, as taught by Dr. Miriam Lee and later Dr. Richard Tan through his synthesis of the Balance Method. 

Herbal Medicine

I find Chinese Herbal Medicine to be a powerful tool for treating internal medicine imbalances.  Formulas are chosen based on presenting signs/symptoms.  When an appropriate formula is used, it can significantly speed up the healing process.


I am a big fan of “cupping” because it works so well to help relax tight muscles and stretch fascia that contribute to chronic pain patterns.  I frequently use cupping in conjunction with acupuncture to help release inflammation at the local level.


Over the many years, I have utilized various forms of bodywork with my clients. I often use therapeutic touch as an informative tool at the beginning of acupuncture treatment as well during the treatment to enhance energy flow.

Emotional Release

I am aware that many of our health challenges can affect both our bodies and our psyche. To facilitate healing, I offer a simple yet powerful emotional release technique that can assist my clients in eliminating long-held emotional issues.  I enjoy teaching this technique to my clients to use when challenges come up outside of the clinic setting.

About me

Over many years of practice, I have worked in various clinical settings offering Traditional Chinese Medicine to literally thousands of clients. In the early years, I gained clinical experience through working in a busy pain clinic.  I moved on to create my own private practice in Santa Rosa and then in Sebastopol. I later served on the faculty at the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, California providing supervision to advanced students working in a busy community acupuncture clinic.    

Feeling a desire to work more collaboratively with an integrative medical team, I joined Sutter’s Institute for Health and Healing in Santa Rosa, California providing Chinese medicine services to those desiring a more holistic approach to their health challenges.

In service to my community, I offer acupuncture at the Jewish Community Free Clinic in Santa Rosa, California.

My area of expertise is chronic musculoskeletal pain, women’s health concerns, mind/body issues, and immune-related problems including complementary cancer care.

Carina Z. Wagner

Licensed Acupuncturist | Sebastopol, CA | (707) 235-6805

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